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How does ELVes differ from Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)?

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I've been looking into laser treatments for my refluxing saphenous veins. I'm confused, is there a difference between Endo Laser Vein System (ELVes) and Endovenous Laser Treatment? Is one treatment better than the other?


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The best treatment of varicose veins is with one of several choices of ETA (endovenous thermal ablation) which all are done in a similar way as a minimally invasive office procedure that uses ultrasound guided placement of a special catheter into the vein and generation of pin-point heat at the tip of the catheter inside of the vein to safely close the vein. The choice of ELVes using a 1470nm diode laser by Biolitec, or an EVLT using an 810nm diode laser by Diomed or yet another laser frequency should not matter. Even the first generation radio frequency catheters worked well and since they ultimately all produce focal heating inside of the vein the effects really are similar. It would really be more important to consider the physician and clinic doing the procedure.

Both are different names for laser ablation of a vein. Veins can be closed with endovenous laser ablation, radiofrequency closure, and newer techniques such as Clarivein. We prefer using Radiofrequency closure such as VNUS or Venefit (both are the same) as it leaves less bruising and discomfort after.

I believe that ELVeS is the best treatment for the saphenous veins reflux because it has less bruising and less tenderness after the procedure.

ELVes is a specific copyrighted name for Biolitec's EVLT generator. It is one of the newest generation of endovenous lasers using a longer wavelength associated with less bruising and discomfort. Earlier, shorter wavelength lasers provided good results but caused significantly more bruising and pain.

No, they are the same type of procedure. Neither treatment is superior to the other.

There is only a difference in the type of wavelength used and company that makes the laser box. There are multiple lasers in the business and every company likes to promote their laser machine. All of the lasers require the same technique to close the vein. They are for the most part pretty well equal in efficacy.

There is difference, only trademark issues.

I guess they are the same just a different name. I have not heard of ELVes but suspect it is the same as EVLT.

Both are lasers approved for endovenous thermal ablation by the FDA. The technique of treatment is no different and the results are no different. While there are minor differences in wavelengths of the light use, the real difference is the quality of the physician doing the procedure. Focus on finding a skilled phlebologist and worry less about whether he uses a particular laser or radiofrequency device.

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