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How does the Excel V laser work?

A friend of mine had some vein work done on her legs with something called an Excel V laser. She looks really good and it has got me thinking that I should look into it as well. How does the Excel V laser work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment compared to other methods?


Doctors Answers (2)

The Cutera Excel laser combines a 532nm frequency KTP laser (green color) and a (frequency doubled) 1064nm (infra-red) Nd:YAG laser in one box. Both frequencies are effective for vascular treatments and are best for fine red to purple spider veins and possibly smaller blue reticular veins, but it is limited both by some discomfort (feels like a hot rubber band snap with each pulse) and limited by surface pigmentation for the KTP. I prefer this type of laser on veins of the face, neck and chest, which respond well to laser. However, I rarely use it on the legs as sclerotherapy is both more effective and more comfortable on leg veins. The veins of the face are lower pressure and drain downward toward the heart while leg veins can have considerately more venous pressure as they drain upward and so these areas respond quite differently to lasers.

All lasers work by heat source to close veins. There are many types of veins. You need to have an evaluation to decide the best treatment for your veins as they may be different than your friends.

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