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How does the glue gun varicose vein treatment work?

I saw that a type of glue gun treatment was approved to seal up varicose veins and that patients were walking right after the procedure. How does this glue vein treatment work? Have people had good results with it? Is this something I could look into to have done for my own varicose veins or does it need to be tested more?


Doctors Answers (3)

All current minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins are "walk in, walk out." Laser/radio frequency ablation at this time are considered the most appropriate treatment of the underlying reflux which causes varicose veins. Vein stripping involves a surgery and more down time. The vein "glue" is interesting, but was only recently introduced with no long-term evidence of success and safety. I do not believe insurance coverage is available at this time. You would have to pay for this yourself. It is, however, an interesting development.

It is injected into the vein and seals the vein. At this point it is not covered by insurance and long term data is still pending. It appears promising.

It uses a flexible adhesive placed within the vein using ultrasound guidance. This literally glues the walls of the vein together, closing off the vien and stopping reflux. We are starting the program now; it is NOT covered by insurance, although it is FDA approved. The cost is approximately $3000.

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