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How does stenting help varicose veins?

I've been looking up different ways that I could treat my varicose veins, and I don't really understand stenting. How do stents help treat varicose veins? When would a doctor recommend using stents instead of some other treatment?


Doctors Answers (9)

Stenting is performed in certain situations to open your arteries to increase blood flow. With varicose veins, the treatment involves closing veins that are no longer working.

Stents are used to keep narrowed arteries open by placing them in a compressed form into the narrowed vessel and then expanding the stent, which acts as a stiff frame keeping the artery open and arterial circulation moving. Normal arteries have a thick and elastic wall that can narrow from cholesterol deposits and other types of damage (such as from smoking), while veins have a tin wall and are prone to enlarging and not narrowing. A stent may be recommended in rare instances if a vein is being compressed by its location next to a firm structure and needs mechanical support. However, stents are also expensive and prone to clot formation, so are not used casually. To treat varicose vein, ultrasound guided procedures are used, and include endovenous ablation, micro-phlebectomy, and foam sclerotherapy

To my knowledge, stents are used only for critical deep veins, not superficial varicose or saphenous veins. A stent is an expanding umbrella-type structure which props open a narrowed vein, usually placed by a catheter. While the few deep veins we have are all important, varicose veins are expendable and may simply be eliminated without worry.

Stents are not used for varicose veins. Varicose veins have to be closed or removed by microphlebectomy.

Stenting is not a procedure for varicose veins. They are for arterial and deep vein issues (in some patients). Endovenous ablation of incompetent saphenous veins, if present, is the standard of care with microphlebectomy of bulging surface veins at the same or separate setting. Both of these procedures are performed in the surgeon's office under local anesthesia with minimal, if any, downtime.

They don't! You stent arteries with blockages, or veins with clots, but not to treat varicose veins.

Stents are rarely ever used in treating varicose veins. You may be confusing stents with ablation.

Except for treating deep vein obstruction that may contribute to varicose veins, stenting isn't used for varicose veins... stenting isn't used to treat varicose veins directly.

Varicose veins cannot be stented; they have to be removed or closed with sclerotherapy. Only the arteries are amenable to stenting.

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