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How does the sun cause spider veins on your face?

I was recently told by a friend that the sun can cause spider veins on your face. How does the sun cause spider veins on your face? What preventative steps can be taken to prevent this from happening?


Doctors Answers (3)

Sun damage can lead to an increase in spider veins on your face. The best treatment is preventative. Always use an SPF of 30 or greater and re-apply if you are in the water. If you have these spider veins they can be treated. Intense pulsed light therapy (also called laser treatment) can be used to eliminate the spider veins. The treatment is quick and with minimal discomfort. Typically you will need three treatments; a month apart.

Wear quality sunscreen.

Some people are genetically pre-disposed to developing spider veins on their face (German/Irish may be more prone). Other things can add to this such as sun damage, excessive exposure to wind and sun, excessive alcohol and spicy foods, especially if you have rosacea. The best preventative step is to use a good sunscreen. We recommend avoiding chemical filters. The most effective sun protections contain micronized zinc of at least 10 percent for daily use and higher (up to 20 percent for active outdoor use and swimming). This not only protects from UVB and UVA rays but provides some barrier to the elements.

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