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How does thrombolysis work?

Thrombolysis is a method to get rid of blood clots, right? And it uses drugs or injections? How do these drugs work to remove blood clots?


Doctors Answers (3)

These medications can be used at the hospital to dissolve blood clots if they are discovered very early in the process of a stroke or heart attack. They can also lead to bleeding risks and must be monitored closely in the hospital.

Drugs are injected into the clot which then disrupt the clotting process, causing the clot to dissolve.

Thrombolysis involves an infusion of medication through a catheter placed close to the clot location to dissolve the clot. It works by stimulating the body's normal anti-coagulation mechanisms, and can be used for either venous or arterial clots. This is the same procedure used in the first hour after stroke or heart attack symptoms to prevent permanent damage to the brain or heart.

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