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How does VNUS treat varicose veins?

I read that VNUS causes your veins to close. It seems like closing veins would only make vein problems worse, how does this help? Does it close all your veins or just varicose veins?


Doctors Answers (3)

VNUS uses a 2 mm catheter that delivers ?radiofrequency energy through the 7 cm thermocouple to the inner vein wall when it comes into contact. To facilitate this, fluid is infused through a needle puncture over the vein under ultrasound imaging control. This is called local tumescent anesthesia. This fluid compresses the vein further and protects the surrounding tissue from the heat which is delivered at 20 sec's intervals. The effect of the heat, contracts the connective tissue in the vein wall, thus closing it. This treatment is very successful in closing the vein permanently. This treatment is indicated in patients suffering from chronic venous insufficiency and venous hypertension which is the result of incompetent vein valves.

VNUS closure is using radiorequency heat to close one of the superficial veins such as the great saphenous or small saphenous veins. It is used to close veins that are not working. If the vein is incompetent because of damaged valves and the blood is flowing in the wrong direction, causing varicose veins, leg swelling and/or discomfort than VNUS closure may be warranted in order to improve the circulation.

Thermal ablation procedures like VNUS close and selectively seal off the diseased vein causing the surface varicose veins. It accomplished the same goal as vein stripping, which removes the vein, but thermal ablation does it without the cost, scars, painful recovery, and complications of surgery. The many remaining normal veins simply take over.

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