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How effective is Asclera compared to surgical and laser treatments?

I have spider veins and I would much prefer not having surgery to treat it. I have been researching the prescription drug Asclera and I was wondering how effective it is in comparison to surgical and laser treatments.


Doctors Answers (4)

Asclera is a medication that we use to inject into spider veins. The treatment is more effective than superficial laser treatments. It requires 3 injections which are spaced a month apart. If you are affected by problems with your deeper veins then it is important to use a laser or radiofrequency catheter to close these veins. If you just treat the superficial spider veins you will not be treating the cause of the problem and more veins will continue to appear.

Asclera and Polidocanol are very effective. It much more versatile in that can treat veins of all sizes from the tiny spider veins to large ropey veins. The cutaneous laser is really just for the tiny veins and surgery is more for the big ropey veins.

Asclera is very effective for spider vein treatment. There are risks of brown staining and ulceration anytime you have sclerotherapy to treat spider veins. The spider veins will always look worse before they look better. In my experience, laser is less effective and there is a risk of skin burning and blistering with laser. I have had good results however with combination therapy with injection sclerotherapy in combination with laser. This is the double injury technique.

Asclera works well for certain veins, but not all veins. What you must do is have a complete venous evaluation and create a plan of treatment. You need a venous duplex ultrasound to establish the extent of your vein problems. Then you can decide what the best overall treatment will work for you. A well trained phlebologist can help you.

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