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How long after sclerotherapy can I work?

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I've had embarrassing varicose veins on my legs for about ten years now and I haven't had them treated. My other worry is that I'll have to miss work. If I decide to have sclerotherapy how long will I have to take off of work and how long will it take my legs to heal? What about exposing my legs to the sun eg tanning.


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There is no need to take time off work following sclerotherapy. I have all my patients remain active and wear graduated support hose to enhance the healing and prevent complications. The primary activity is walking an hour or 3 miles a day; this can be in 10-15 minute fragments so long as it amounts to an hour a day. For any post sclerotherapy pain, ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient. Typically, bruises that occur after sclerotherapy will last for a couple of weeks. But, if you are coming in for treatment every other week, your legs will 'look under construction' for several months. It is fair to say that a person's legs will look worse before they look better. Therefore, be patient and stick with the program. I don't recommend direct sun exposure while undergoing sclerotheapy. The skin is irritated and more sensitive to the sun's rays. Increased pigmentation (brown staining) is common after injections. And if you add to this a lot of sun exposure, then the treated areas may appear more pigmented than is necessary. If one has to be out in the sun, use SPF 15-30; and cover your legs with a white towel to help reflect the sun's rays.

There is generally no need to take additional time off from work or school after sclerotherapy treatment. It is recommended that you wear compression hose for several weeks and avoid exposure to heat for a month following sclerotherapy. Sun tanning as well as baths, saunas and Jacuzzi's are to be avoided for at least 1 month following your sclerotherapy due to the heat which causes dilation of the veins and may result in some of the treated veins reopening and not improving.

There's no down time following cosmetic or ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. You may return to your normal duties the same day of treatment.

You can return to work immediately after sclerotherapy. There is no down time. I do recommend to my sclerotherapy patients that they refrain from intense exercise, saunas, and hot tubs for 2 days. Walking and being active is encouraged. You do not need to avoid normal sun exposure, just wear sunscreen, and for the first few weeks don't do any intense sun tanning. Legs don't really need to heal after sclerotherapy. But patience is required. Spider veins don't instantly disappear. In fact, they can look darker for several weeks before they start to fade away.

Typically after sclerotherapy you can return to work immediately. Even if you required more interventions and sclerotherapy alone you still may be able to return to work the next day.

It will take a few days to weeks for bruising to fade, but you can go back to work immediately after the injections.

I have my patients return to work the day of the sclerotherapy. I also have my patients wear compression stockings for 1 week after the procedure. I have them avoid exercising for 24 hours. I have had good results following these guidelines. I do not worry about sun exposure in my sclerotherapy patients. It is important to avoid sun exposure prior to treating spider veins with laser but not with sclerotherapy.

Depending on the size of the vein treated with sclerotherapy , it can take 2- 6 week for the veins do absorb and heal. For larger veins it may be recommended to avoid sun for even longer than 6 weeks.

You can go back to work the same day! I place the following restrictions on my leg sclerotherapy patients: 1. Wear the compression stockings as directed; 2. No weight lifting or squats for one week; 3. Stay off of the bicycle for a few days; and 4. Elevate the legs when sitting, for 3 to 7 days. Walking is encouraged post-sclerotherapy, including with elliptical, treadmill, etc. Running/jogging is acceptable. Swimming is encouraged, too, though after the second day. Recovery from sclerotherapy is generally painless, though when large surface varicose veins are being sclerosed there can be some discomfort that tends to begin a few days to a week after treatment. When treating patients with large surface varicose veins, I like to routinely schedule them to return in two weeks for a quick visit that may include a needle puncture of any such uncomfortable surface vein, as drainage of "trapped blood", also known as a phlebectomy, can provide excellent relief and a quicker ultimate shrinkage of the sclerosed vein. The two-week-post-sclerotherapy visit is often a convenient time to commence treatment on the opposite leg. I prefer to wait at least one month between sclerotherapy treatments on the same leg, as the full expression of the treatment is typically not complete until such time has passed. Sun exposure post sclerotherapy is not a significant issue unless you receive adjunct laser or light treatments, in which case a couple of weeks out of the sun is important. The good news about sclerotherapy is that it takes very little of your time to have a safe and effective treatment of your varicose veins.

You should not have to take off of work for sclerotherapy. If you are having sclerotherapy of your varicose veins then I would recommend wearing compression stockings for at least five days after your treatment. Avoid the sun until all your discoloration has resolved.

Most patients go back immediately to their regular lifestyle/work after sclerotherapy with no "down-time." Avoiding sun tanning is recommended for 1 week after sclerotherapy to minimize the risk of hyper pigmentation.

All patients may return to work the same day. However, it is necessary to wear compression hose/socks for about 2 weeks on a daily basis.

Current treatments for varicose veins require minimal down time. Most people go back to normal activities the same or next day. Call us for an appointment and I can tell you better what your treatment plan would be. Most insurances pay for the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins.

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