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How long do most vein removal procedures take?

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How long do most varicose veins removal procedures take? I realize that it depends on the severity and the particular procedure chosen, but I would just like a ballpark figure. Also, do most procedures require local anesthesia?


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A ball park figure is 30-45 minutes. This includes prep time and applying a sterile dressing or wrap after the procedure. Endovenous ablations and microphlebectomy require local anesthesia. Sclerotherapy does not require local anesthesia.

Saphenous vein ablation (laser or radiofrequency) with local anesthesia takes about 30 minutes in experienced hands. Phlebectomy takes about 30-60 minutes, also under local anesthesia, while sclerotherapy takes 10-30 minutes.

Every procedure varies on the time frame. We generally schedule 30 minutes for sclerotherapy, and Vnus closure procedures generally take about one hour. It is impossible to determine what your individual needs are until we do an assessment on your legs in person. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us. Thank you.

Overall, vein procedures are relatively quick and comfortable. Treatment times will vary depending on 1) the procedure, 2) severity of the individual's vein condition and 3) the medical office. To give you an example, the actual endovenous ablation procedure takes less than an hour to be performed, but in our office most patients are here for about an hour and a half to two hours. The first hour is for preparation prior to the procedure such as an ultrasound to map out the veins and creating a sterile field. The patient will usually watch a movie during the procedure to help the time pass. Our average times for sclerotherapy or ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy are 30-60 minutes and 2 hours for microphlebectomy. A local anesthetic is used for endovenous ablation and phlebectomy, but is not needed for sclerotherapy.

On the average vein removal procedures, referred to as micro phlebectomy or ambulatory phlebectomy, will average 30-45 minutes. Rarely will they exceed an hour in my office. The procedures are done using local anesthesia in an office setting. It is my opinion that procedures performed using local anesthesia should really be under an hour. Although all the varicose veins, in a given leg, can be removed in one setting, if patients have extensive varicose veins, we may perform the procedures in one than one stage. In the most extensive situations, the removal could take up to 3 stages, although they are usually performed in 1 or 2 stages.

Most procedures take less than one hour and require only local anesthesia.

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