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How long does it take to recover from varicose veins removal?

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How long does it typically take to recover from varicose veins removal?


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There is generally no down time after varicose vein removal. Most patients are able to do their normal daily routine right after the procedure. There may be several days of soreness after an EVLT procedure. This is generally relieved by wearing compression stockings, walking frequently and taking acetaminophen if needed.

There is no painful recovery after thermal ablation or injection, which is why vein surgery for varicose veins has practically disappeared. However, one must usually refrain from vigorous aerobic activity and wear special stockings for a few weeks.

Recovery from vein treatment varies widely from person to person. Some people barely notice anything was done and don't even need to take anything, like ibuprofen, for it. They have a mild discomfort and return to all their usual activities immediately following the treatments. Others note more discomfort. It really depends on an individual's pain tolerance, healing speed and the body's response to the treatment. Most note mild - moderate discomfort relieved with ibuprofen and compression. Most resume their usual daily activities the same or following day.

If you have the old type "varicose vein stripping" done under general anesthesia in the hospital, it will take at least 6 weeks to recover. If you have the newer endovenous ablation, done it the doctor's office, under local anesthesia, you can to normal activities the next day.

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