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How long does the procedure to treat facial spider veins take to perform?

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How long does the treatment for spider veins on the face take? What is this treatment procedure called?


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Treatment times will vary from person to person and depends on the number and size of veins being treated. If there are only a few facial veins, the treatment could be 5-10 minutes, and one treatment may do. If there are many facial veins, the treatment could require multiple 30 to 45 minute treatments, generally 3-4 weeks a part. After a complimentary consultation is performed, Dr. Warren will discuss the treatment plan in detail and answer all questions you may have.

The more veins you have the more treatment time will be needed. Finer facial telangiectasia may be successfully treated with either laser or radiofrequency (VeinWave or VeinGogh), while thicker ones will respond better to sclerotherapy (injections).

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