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How long does varicose vein surgery take?

Both my husband and I have varicose veins on our legs. We'll be traveling in July and both want to have the veins removed before our trip. How long does varicose vein surgery take? Is it something that can be done before flying and being out in a sunny location? Will we be able to walk after the surgery?


Doctors Answers (2)

I will have to generalize here, since the size, number and locations of the varicose veins are factors. Also, there are different techniques that may be used to treat your varicose veins. The procedure(s) are typically done in an office setting and each treatment may not take much time, but the number of treatments will depend on the number and severity of the vein problems. Following each treatment you are encouraged to be active, resume normal activities and wear the compression hose on your legs for several weeks following treatment(s) (you do not have to sleep in the hose). You may fly after having vein treatment, but you should wear the compression hose during travel. Avoiding heat following the treatment is also beneficial as heat is a potent vasodilator, so travel to a sunny beach shortly after varicose vein treatment is not advised. I recommend avoiding heat for 4-6 weeks following varicose vein treatment. Give yourself enough time to be treated before you travel to a hot location or wait to be treated until you return from your trip. To have a more specific answer for your leg veins, you should have an ultrasound examination and treatment plan done at a vein clinic.

Most patients can engage in most physical activities within days of even very substantial lower extremity venous procedures. However, may insurance companies will require a six week to three month period of treatment with conservative measures before accepting a request for approval for treatment. See a venous expert and sort out your needs and your insurance company requirements.

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