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How long should a good pair of compression socks last?

I wear compression socks at work because I am sitting at a desk for most of the day and there is a history of vein issues in my family. The socks I am presently using seem to wear down fairly quickly. How long should a good pair of compression socks last?


Doctors Answers (6)

Good quality compression hosiery lasts six months if worn daily, gradually losing their capacity to retain their stretch. You usually get what you pay for. Respected quality brands include Medi, Sigvaris, Jobst, and Venosan.

In general that depends on the initial quality of the material and workmanship of the hose. A better made pair of compression hose should last about nine months with daily wear and gentle cleaning. Wash the hose by hand with a couple drops of a liquid detergent, rinse well, and do not wring-out or twist material to squeeze-out the excess water as this damages the elastic fibers in the hose. Do not use a clothes or hair dryer as high heat also damages the hose. Excess water can be expelled by either a short spin cycle in the washer or by rolling-up the hose in a ball and squeeze out the water without twisting. You can also use a large towel to dry to a light dampness which should be air dried in about 60 minutes. It is also possible to wash and dry the hose while wearing them in the shower. Since the hose is light weight, porous and made of plastic fibers it washes well and will dry quickly. Use only a few drops of a liquid soap and wash the hose like you were washing your own legs, then rinse well, towel dry well, and you can either take them off and exchange for another pair of dry hose or even wear them slightly damp as they air dry quickly.

You will need several pairs if you wear them everyday.

For longer use do not put them in the drier and do not wash with Woolite, and I usually say buy two pairs every six months

Wear and tear on any kind of sock varies from person to person whether compression or regular. If they are the actual sock type and not stocking (thinner) they usually last longer. The compression can last anywhere from three to six months. The better the quality the longer the compression (strength) can last. Individually on wear, however, depends upon the quality of the sock, and type of shoes worn. Additionally, they should only be laundered with plain soap with no additives such as fabric softener, Woolite or bleach. Air drying is recommended. I have some patients who are able to make their hose last for over a year or more. Others only get a few months of use.

They should last three to six months depending on how hard you wear them. What you do in them has some effect on their durability.

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