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How long should I sit or stand to avoid worsening my varicose veins?

I already have somewhat noticeable varicose veins. At work we have the option to use a standing desk or sitting in a regular office chair. I'm confused about would be better for my circulation. If I sit, am I going to get a blood clot? If I stand, will the veins get bigger? How long should I sit or stand at one time?


Doctors Answers (3)

Standing would be much worse for the development and progression of varicose veins. Sitting would be better than standing, and allows you to move your feet frequently, which utilizes the lower leg muscles and helps reduce venous pressure by lifting blood back up towards the heart. Sitting for over several hours can strain the lower back, and I recommend getting up for a brief time to move around at least after every two hours.

I would say wear compression hose 20-30 mm/hg, walk frequently or point and flex feet often and you can either stand for periods and sit for periods. I would not recommend sitting without moving for long periods of time or standing for long periods of time. A balance between the two is optimal. While sitting point and flex the feet or do calf raises occasionally to move the legs and augment the return of blood to the heart. If sitting, try to prop feet on a hard drive or stool if possible if sitting for long periods. Hope this helps. There must be a balance. Neither option for 8-12 hours is optimal.

Graded compression stockings is the best answer.

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