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How many treatments are necessary to remove varicose veins?

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I have very large, bluish, rope-like varicose veins on my legs and I'm wondering how many treatments I'll have to go through before all of my varicose veins are gone. Which procedure will get rid of them quickest?


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The number of treatments to remove varicose veins is an individual decision depending on the number and location of the problem veins and how quickly the treatments need to be done, as multiple treatments can be done on the same visit. The first step is to get a detailed duplex ultrasound evaluation of the leg veins to determine the extent of the vein problems and then to develop of plan for treatment.

If you have large, rope like varicose veins you may be a good candidate for transilluminated phlebectomy. This is a minor surgical procedure that consists of using a light source to transilluminate the vein from below, this outlines the vein very clearly. Multiple 2mm stab wounds are made, and the varicosity is pulled out by using an instrument similar to a crochet hook. This is done under local anesthesia. Only the largest varicosities can be removed. The remaining smaller veins, can be closed with sclerotherapy.

In my clinic, we remove these larger veins you describe using microphlebectomy. This is the most effective way to eliminate these veins with little discomfort and recovery with excellent cosmetic appearance after veins. Typically one visit to the office. Many vein doctors who are not surgeons, will advise injecting these veins which takes multiple treatments with additional possible visits to remove uncomfortable areas of "trapped" blood. Additionally, if these are symptomatic, you should be eligible for insurance coverage whereas many insurers are now denying coverage for injections.

Without knowing the underlying problem, it is hard to predict the number of treatments to rid yourself of your veins. With the large bulging type of veins typically one treatment will remove most of them. You may need an endovenous laser ablation and micophlebectomies to get excellent results. When it comes to spider veins, I have always told patient that it may take between 2 to 5 treatments to get them to a satisfactory result.

How many treatments are necessary to remove varicose veins depends on the extent of the underlying vein problems and the number of veins involved. The underlying saphenous vein reflux is usually treated first , then the overlying varicosities. The number of varicosities and the treatment method will determine how many additional treatments will be needed.

Every patient is different and must be assessed clinically and with ultrasound in order to determine the type and number of procedures necessary to solve the problem. Different sizes, shapes, and locations of veins require different treatments.

You need a complete ultrasound evaluation in order to determine an appropriate plan of action. New technology can get rid of these veins quite easily, and with little or no down time.

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