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How much do compression stockings generally cost?

I see that they sell some of them online, but I am not sure if those are as effective as the doctor prescribed ones. How much do the prescribed compression stockings generally cost? Would buying the ones online be as effective?


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The problem with buying online is that you might not be fitted properly for the correct size, and it will be difficult for you to tell if they are genuine compression hose and not fake. A pair of hose can cost between $75-100 in the office.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. High quality compression hose prices depend on the brand, compression, and size of the hose. They generally range from $50-$100 or more, with the better medical grade hose available at a medical supply, at a vein clinic, and on-line. We often use Juzo and Sigvaris, but there are many other good brands. I do not recommend going too cheap with the quality of the hose, but rather decide what is needed and shop for that brand, size, and compression.

There are several excellent manufacturers of stockings, including Jobst, Sigvaris, Medi, and Juzo. If you can get a good price online, go for it. Other name brands may be cheaper, but may not hold up so well. Make sure you are getting the proper strength, indicated by two numbers separated with a hyphen; e.g. 20-30 mm or 30-40 mm.

There are a lot of different types and grades of compression stockings. While you may need them, it's best to establish your medical history and do an appropriate physical exam before using this type of medical graded stocking. You need to be measured as well.

If you have been prescribed hose by your doctor, you should be fitted professionally first thing in the day (in the case of swelling). A certified fitter is aware of all the problems applying hose, can recommend the most appropriate style, and can demonstrate application. Purchasing online is fine for non-prescription low grade compression for travel and comfort. Cost is variable. Generally the better quality hose are more expensive, but this varies from one place to another.

It depends on the quality of the material, whether they are custom fit, the level of compression, and the size. The lowest would be $10 for one knee stocking, fair quality off-the-shelf. The highest would be $200 for a thigh-high and custom-fitted, high-quality stocking from a medical supply place. In-between would be an off-the shelf-moderate quality thigh-high, which should run a cash price of $70 a piece .

It depends on the strength (8-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40), length( knee, high, thigh high, pantyhose, etc.), which brand (Jobst, Sigvaris,Venosan, Medivein, etc.), exact type of stocking within the brand (ulcer relief, ultra sheer, athletic etc.). This can range from 10 or 20 dollars to 100s of dollars.

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