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How much does it cost to get spider vein removal?

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I am 31 years old and I have had spider veins since I was 20, and I am wondering what something like this cost. How much does it typically cost to remove spider veins?


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The cost varies depending on how much work you need. We charge $225 per session, which is about 15-20 min of injection time. A limited area of spider veins may just need one treatment session. More extensive spider veins require more sessions.

Sclerotherapy is what you are referring to and the cost of those injections in our office is $50 per syringe. Generally, the cost per treatment is anywhere from $50 to $250. I cannot speak for other offices so I cannot tell you the typical cost to remove spider veins. The above information is what our office charges. Thank you for your question.

It is a bit tricky figuring out what your treatment will cost without knowing exactly what is causing the spider veins. Make sure that your provider gets you a complete ultrasound to see why you have had spider veins at such an early age. If the problem is limited to tiny vessels less than 1mm then laser vein removal with a Pulse Dye Laser is very effective. Plan on 2 to 3 session that run about $250-$500 depending on how many vessels need to be treated. If the problem is limited to vessel from 1mm-4mm then sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice. Plan on 2-3 sessions. Cost will usually run between $250-$500 a session again depending on how many vessels need to be treated. If the problem is rooted in deeper veins then a procedure to close these larger vessel from the inside is needed (EVLA), these procedures are usually covered by insurance.

Spider veins are small red, blue or purple veins close to the skin surface, often on the thighs, calves and ankles, affecting one third of the adult female population. Since the reasons for and number of veins is highly variable from person to person, the cost for you can only be determined by meeting with your physician and receiving a complete consultation, (with us this is complimentary). This consultation allows for the physician to evaluate and determine what treatment is required. A care plan is developed to meet your needs and generally, payment plans are available.

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