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How much does it cost to get varicose veins removal?

This question was asked in Crowley Lake, California and has 4 answer(s) as of 09/17/2012.
I have bulging veins both above and below my knee on one leg. I would like to get a rough price quote of what it would cost to remove them.


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This question can only be answered with 1 depends. How much varicose vein treatments cost first depends on whether the veins are posing a medical problem for you or not. In simple terms, if you don't like the way they feel (and certain other medical criteria are met), then that's usually a medical problem, however, if you just don't like the way the veins look, then that's a cosmetic problem. If they are a medical problem, then your health insurance plan may cover the evaluations and treatments, depending on which insurance company you have coverage with and depending on what the coverage policy for varicose vein treatments are within that particular insurance company. If insurance will cover your treatments, then how much the evaluation and treatments actually costs you depends on your actual policy and what your patient responsibility costs are. If your varicose veins are a cosmetic problem, then the cost of treatment(s) is a self pay situation, as no insurance company covers cosmetic treatments. What you pay depends on the prices your doctor charges and depends how extensive of treatment(s) you choose to have done. My advice is to seek a consultation with a vein specialist. Obtain the treatment recommendations. If the treatments are medical and covered by insurance, then the costs to you will most likely be the same at any office. If they are cosmetic, then you can take the recommended treatments, call other offices and compare prices.

Assuming you wish to avoid surgery as most people do, ultrasound-guided treatment with either injections or thermal ablation will cost between $1,500 and $3,000. If ultrasound is not needed, then removal could cost between $500-$1,500 for injection or phlebectomy.

Cost of therapy depends on the therapy. See a physician, discuss options. Don't necessarily go with the lowest bidder!

Most treatments are covered by insurance. It is impossible to give even a "rough price quote" without seeing the extent of your disease and what procedures would be required. Consult a physician that specializes in the treatment of varicose and spider veins and they can discuss your treatment options and costs with you.

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