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What is the best treatment for a small leg spider vein?

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I'm a teenager and I've recently noticed a spider vein on my right leg. It bothers me a lot since I've never had anything like that before and show off my legs a lot. So how can I get rid of it and how much would it cost to get rid of it? And can they go away in teens?


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Small red spider veins on the legs are considered a cosmetic problem and can be treated with sclerotherapy injections (preferred treatment) or using a vascular laser (second choice as it is more uncomfortable and less effective). Spider veins will not disappear over time without treatment. The cost in our office depends on the amount of veins to be treated, such as 15 minutes sclerotherapy would cost $150.

The best treatment for spider veins on the legs is sclerotherapy. It may take several treatments to get rid of the spider veins. The cost per treatment is $200- 275 for one leg. I hope you get a chance to show off your legs soon.

If you inherited vein problems you can't be cured. Sclerotherapy is usually the most cost-effective treatment; rarely, surface lasers or radiofrequency generators may be a better choice for very tiny spider veins without associated feeder veins. Cost is too variable to estimate without an examination, but a single uncomplicated patch of spider veins can often be treated for under $500.

Sclerotherapy is the best treatment. It is where we inject a solution into the vein which closes the vein over time and the vein goes away. It is very safe and has been done for 10s of years. How much it costs depends on where you live. It could cost anywhere from $200 to $400 on average.

Vein wave therapy would be the best treatment for your small leg spider vein.

You should be evaluated first by an experienced Sclerotherapist or surgeon specializing in vein treatments. If there are small "feeding" veins below the surface, these should be treated at the same time or removing the surface spider veins may not be effective. The surface veins can be treated with a vein specific topical laser and/or sclerotherapy injections. It can take several treatments and the best time to start is in the cooler months as typically you will wear support hose for about a week. This varies from practice to practice. You typically inherit these from a family member. It was not anything you did to cause them. Self tanners can also hide the appearance of these in the summer months.

This can be evaluated and treated in most cases very easily. You do need to be evaluated and educated so that you can take all precautions to slow the progression of these veins.

The best thing to do is to have a venous ultrasound performed to find the cause of the spider veins. Treatment may include simple needle injections (sclerotherapy) or more. The cost of treatment varies from one place to another so do your part and call a couple of places before scheduling.

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