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How much does spider vein removal cost?

I have some small spider veins on my chest and my legs that I want to get rid of before they get any worse, but I'm not sure I can afford it. How much will it cost to get them removed? What treatments are cheaper? How can I lower the cost of treatment?


Doctors Answers (7)

Spider veins treatment is generally considered an elective cosmetic procedure. Costs can vary depending on the techniques used, the time spent, and individual practice. We charge $450 for a 45 minutes of sclerotherapy, which is done in the office. Chest veins can be treated by sclerotherapy or by laser. I would suggest getting a consult (usually free) from a local vein specialist.

The typical cost per treatment ranges from $200-500. Usually, three treatments per leg will be required to achieve good results, but it could take more or less depending on how severe your particular case is.

Honestly, you will need to be evaluated. Costs vary and expectations must be discussed. Keep in mind, "you get what you pay for." Once you are evaluated, you can create a plan for long-term continued treatments for the best outcome.

The cost varies by a number of factors: the number of veins that need to treated, the more usually taking more treatments, and more time, which costs a bit more. Second, the number of areas that need to be treated; the more areas treated will take more time and cost a bit more compared to a treatment that is confined to one area. Third, the type of veins; some veins are fine and isolated and take more time to treat than larger clustered veins. All these factors affect the cost. The cheapest and most effective treatment is sclerotherapy. The laser just doesn't work that well, and only works for a few types of veins. The laser usually requires more treatments and is more expensive. The price range for sclerotherapy is around $250 for one leg, for one treatment. It's more for two legs and more for multiple treatments.

The cost is based on the number and complexity of the spider veins, and it is best estimated on direct examination by the physician. The minimal charge is usually $150-200, and some patients have spent up to $2000.00 an appointment as needed for accurate planning.

I have a nurse who is a trained sclerotherapy nurse, who does them for 150 per session. That is very low and she is excellent. Each facility charges different prices depending.

The best way to keep your treatment costs lower would be to see a vein specialist who can diagnose and treat your veins more efficiently. I have seen many patients trying to save money by seeing a non-specialist first, and later regret that when they must see a more knowledgeable expert to get things done right. Costs vary greatly, but a vein specialist usually charges $400-$500 per treatment session. Which treatment is recommended for each area, and how many sessions you would need, will be determined at your consultation.

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