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How much recovery time is required after sclerotherapy?

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How much recovery time is typically required after sclerotherapy surgery for varicose veins removal? Is it a procedure that you can do and be back to work on the same day? Will I have to get anesthesia? Could I drive myself back home after the treatment?


Doctors Answers (4)

Sclerotherapy permanently shrinks veins without the need for anesthesia; it does not remove them. There is no recovery time so one can return to normal activities immediately.

After a sclerotherapy session, you may have compression garments or wraps to help with the sclerosis of your leg veins. Time of compression is highly variable and dependent on type and number of veins injected. No anesthesia is used, (needles used for the injections are tiny), and you can immediately drive and return to normal activities after each session.

Sclerotherapy is a simple, in office treatment that typically has little or no recovery time. The treatments typically takes approximately 30 minutes of office time, require no sedation or local anesthesia, you may drive yourself to and from your visits and typically, you could return directly to your usual activities, including work. Other than time needed for the actual office visit, you shouldn't need to take any extra time off work.

There is no recovery time after sclerotherapy. We will restrict some activities - you don't want to get the treated areas hot or wet for some period - and you will need bandaging. Details depend on your condition and how we treat it.

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