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How often should I wear compression socks?

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How long each day do I need to wear compression socks for them to be beneficial? My friend wears them all day and all night, is that too much? I thought if I wore them after work when I got home until bed that would be enough. Is it?


Doctors Answers (7)

Compression socks help to improve the venous circulation in the leg by resisting the tendency of the veins to dilate or enlarge due to the effects of standing and gravity. It is best to wear the hose when you are standing or sitting so would recommend wearing them at work if you have a job that requires frequent standing in one place such as with teachers and nurses. There is no benefit in wearing the hose in bed as laying flat allows for the easy flow of venous blood back to the heart, but if you forget to take them off it should also do no harm. Walking is very beneficial to reducing venous pressure and aiding venous circulation.

Compression stockings would be beneficial to wear when standing or sitting for long periods of time particularly if there is an underlying vein problem or problem with leg swelling. Wearing them while working is a good idea and they should not be worn to sleep. Compression stockings will not necessarily prevent varicose veins from forming especially if there is a family history.

Depending on why you are using them, generally patients wear them from the time they get up until they go to bed. It is very very uncommon to sleep in them.

The benefits of medical graded compression stockings only work when you have them on. They may be used at your discretion, but should always be used when flying, or when sitting or standing in one spot for prolonged periods of time.

After an endovenous ablation of varicose veins, the compression stockings should be worn for 14 days ideally (24 hrs for the first 3 days then during day time for the subsequent 11 days).

Compression stockings are beneficial when wore during times of prolonged standing or sitting. These are positions were the feet and lower legs are in a dependent position. When one has the opportunity to elevate one's legs in a recliner or when recumbent during sleep, the compression stockings are not necessary.

For best results, compression stockings should be worn during the day and removed at bedtime.

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