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How quickly can spider veins develop?

I've started to sit a ton lately for work. I've noticed that in less than a week I've developed little spider veins on the back of my thighs. I don't think this is just because I didn't see them before. Is it normal for spider veins to appear that fast? How quickly can spider veins develop?


Doctors Answers (5)

They can develop quickly, in a matter of weeks.

Spider veins usually develop slowly and progressively, but can sometimes develop rapidly, often due to mild traumas or due to increased venous pressure and congestion in which posture and physical activity are important.

Spider veins are hereditary and can appear with or without prolonged sitting or standing. It is not necessarily caused by you sitting at work. It is not abnormal, but if you have a large amount in one area there may be a more significant underlying vein problem in this area, such as a varicose vein.

Spider veins usually are only the tip of the iceberg. Small veins under the skin slowly enlarge over time. As these reticular veins enlarge, they cause higher pressures in the veins of the skin. These enlarging tiny veins in the skin are the red spider veins which are so easily seen. The process that results in spider veins has been going on for years before the spider veins show up.

Sometimes you can bump the leg or have an injury and the veins can appear after this. Also, sometimes they just appear.

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