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How quickly do replacement veins form after sclerotherapy?

I have spider veins on the back of both of my hands. My job requires a great deal of dexterity. I understand that sclerotherapy injections work by collapsing the vein. How quickly are those veins replaced and is there any temporary loss of dexterity?


Doctors Answers (5)

Spider veins (red to purple in color) do not contribute to local circulation and are dilated and fractured capillaries. Although your body can make new veins and capillaries both quickly and easily throughout your life, there is no need to replace treated spider veins as they have no specific benefit for the body. Treatment of reticular veins (blue and larger than spider veins) on the legs is easily compensated by the many remaining veins, but on the hands may produce temporary mild swelling, bruising and trapped blood. Treatment of select veins on the hands is not a very common procedure, but there is typically minimal temporary loss in dexterity of the hand with treatment due to bruising, mild swelling, and wearing of a compression sleeve over the back of the hand. If the veins on the back of the hand are essentially normal but highly visible (due to thinning of the skin and subcutaneous fat loss) then injections of an opaque skin filler such as Radiesse can greatly reduce the appearance of the veins and is a simple few injections.

If the veins are smaller they can be safely injected by an experienced vein surgeon. This should not affect your dexterity at all. If they are larger and more bulging, I would recommend removing the veins using microphlebectomy (tiny punctures through which sections of veins are removed). This is a procedure with local anesthetic with a couple days of minor swelling and bruising. Again this should not affect your dexterity when performed by an experienced surgeon. I do this in two settings per hand which allows for redirection of the blood flow. Your body may eventually dilate smaller vessel but it can take years to do this and they will not be very large.

The top of the hands is an unusual place for spider veins to appear. First, make sure what you are seeing are, in fact, spider veins. Spider veins are not important conduits, and are therefore expendable without need for replacement. The many additional veins already in place simply take over without incident.

They do not form replacement veins. Other veins take over and over time other veins may form. There should be no change in dexterity. Your hands will be sore for a while after the procedure.

There is no down time or loss of dexterity if the procedure is performed correctly.

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