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How safely can I treat spider veins around my eyes?

I have very noticeable spider veins around both of my eyes. They make me look tired all the time, and I think they're kind of ugly. I want to get rid of them, but I'm not sure how safe it is to treat spider veins in such a sensitive area. What safe treatments are there for spider veins around the eyes?


Doctors Answers (7)

These spider veins are safely treated with IPL therapy (Intense Pulsed Light). This therapy is similar to laser treatment and usually requires three treatments spaced out at a month apart to achieve success.

Spider veins can be safely and effectively treated around the eyes with laser treatments using protective eye shields. The purple darkening along the tear trough area can be spot treated with intense pulsed light (also called an IPL or Photo Facial).

Depending on their size, spider veins (telangiectasia) below the cheekbone and on the nose may be safely treated by sclerotherapy, laser, or radiofrequency. However, spider veins on the upper eyelid and immediately below the eye cannot be safely injected, and require the other two treatment modalities mentioned above.

They can be safely treated, but they need to be treated by a physician or surgeon, preferably a vein specialist with lots of experience treating veins around the eyes. Many doctors, and even some nurses, treat spider veins on the legs, but most have no experience or training with treating those around the eyes. Special care and skill must be used when treating around the eyes, but if done with experienced hands, excellent results can be achieved.

If they are the fine red veins and the affected area is over the bone, they can be treated by an experienced physician, if they provide block-out eye shields and have the right kind of laser. The larger blue veins must be treated the same way, but ONLY by someone who is very experienced, as there can be small arteries at the sides and above the eyes. Injecting these veins is also higher risk for the same reasons, but more so.

With the right equipment and well-trained medical staff, it is possible to treat most of these veins.

VeinGogh and veinwave use radiofrequency and a tiny needle to heat and close the vein.

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