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How serious is heaviness in the feet?

I have varicose veins on my feet and ankles, and now my feet feel heavier than they used to when I walk around. How serious of a symptom is this? How pressing is it for me to get my varicose veins looked at?


Doctors Answers (5)

These varicose veins in your feet and ankles can lead to skin ulcers and infections. It would be smart to get these veins treated and improve your circulation.

The best way to evaluate the function of the venous system is with a duplex ultrasound exam. This is comfortable exam that will help determine the degree of venous reflux or severity of the venous insufficiency in the lower extremities.

Just heaviness from varicose veins is not an urgent medical matter; it could wait until your next routine doctor visit. However, the symptoms are a bit unusual, becuase varicose veins commonly cause heaviness in the legs, so it is important that you are also checked for any neurologic problems. Good luck and don't wait too long.

This is not urgent or emergent. I would recommend leg elevation at night and when able during the day, compression hose 20 to 30 mm/hg and some time to see if this helps. If it does not, see your physician and have a venous insufficiency ultrasound to see if the veins are working correctly.

Now is the time to get a long term plan started. See a phlebologist ( and get an evaluation.

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