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How soon after sclerotherapy will I be able to run?

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How long after sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins will I be able to run or exercise? How soon will I be able to at least resume moderate exercise?


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I generally recommend waiting 5-7 days before resuming a vigorous exercise program. With sclerotherapy the goal is to shrink and close the veins. Vigorous exercise will cause the veins to dilate. This is counter productive for what we are trying to accomplish. I do encourage patient to walk. I recommend at least a 2o min walk a day. You can do more if you choose. There is no maximum limit.

We have some restrictions from very strenuous activity for 3 days after Sclerotherapy however Running and other moderate exercise can be done that day.

We encourage all patients to remain active. Immobility is a significant risk for blood clots; and the overall healing is enhanced. Thd best activity is walking outside, on a treadmill or elliptical machine. I believe high impact exercises like running and jogging might accelerate the breakdown of abnormal veins. Also, high temperature exposure from saunas, steam rooms, spas (Jacuzzi) will stretch veins that are already abnormally stretched.

Normal activities can be resumed the same day. Patients should not engage in any aerobic, heavy weight lifting or high impact activities for a few days after treatment. With the exceptions mentioned, you can run and exercise the next day, just wear your compression hose.

After sclerotherapy for spider vein treatment I ask patients to refrain from moderate and intense physical activity, such as running, tennis, and boot camp for two days. I also ask patients not to use hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms for two days after sclerotherapy. Walking and light exercise, such as water aerobics, yoga and light weights can be resumed immediately. For treatments for larger varicose vein, such as endovenous laser therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and ambulatory phlebectomy, I ask patients to refrain from moderate and intense physical activities for 7 days. I also ask patients not to use hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms for 7 days after ablation. Walking and light exercise, such as yoga, water aerobics, and light weights can be resumed immediately.

Usually 3-5 days is adequate. I'd recommend you ask the treating physician and follow their advice.

Approximately one week.

Moderate aerobic exercises immediately following vein treatments such as walking, cycling, a stair master, or any exercise with movement is recommended. Aerobic exercise helps to improve venous return to the heart and lowers venous pressure. Running and high impact exercises such as basketball and tennis should wait about 3 weeks following treatment. However for regular runners with a smooth stride it may be relatively low impact (judge by how much noise your shoes make while running) and waiting 2 weeks may be sufficient. It is not the exertion of running that is a problem but rather the impact of the feet slapping against the ground repeatedly, so may vary greatly between runners. I recommend running with the compression hose for the first month.

Most patients can resume normal daily activities including sports within 2 days.

You will be able to run on the same day.

You should be able to resume normal activity within a day.

In general, light to moderate activity is encouraged following sclerotherapy treatment. Most physicians recommend that you walk at least 30 minutes every day following sclerotherapy treatment. We allow our patients to return to jogging and more moderate exercise approximately one week following vein treatment. Your doctor will have specific recommendations based on your treatment.

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