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How do I get rid veins below my eyes?

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I have blue veins under my eyes. There are blue veins on both sides of my chin and one on my forehead too. How do I get rid of these veins? How much would it cost to get rid of them?


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Thank you for your question These types veins are easily treated with injections called sclerotherapy. Not all facial vessels can be treated. What appears to be a vein may in fact be an artery. So, upon examination, a check is made first if the vessel in question is a vein that can be safely injected. Pricing is hard to go into without first examining a patient to better understand what the vein problem. Please come in for a consultation so I may better evaluate your concerns.

There are several options which depend on what size the veins are and where exactly they are. tiniest blue vein may be treated with a Veinwave device and possibly a laser. However most will require sclerotherapy, especially the larger blue veins. You may have to look around a bit to find a doctor experienced with this and the cost ranges from $350-500 per treatment.

Visible blue reticular veins from the upper cheek to around the outside of the eyes and up to the forehead can be a cosmetic concern more often in fair skin people. It is the result of some facial subcutaneous fat loss, thinning of the skin, and other factors. These veins can be removed with a microphlebectomy using a 1mm incision that physically remove the vein, or can optionally be treated by laser or sclerotherapy injections depending on the size and location of the vein. The cost depends on the size, location and number of veins to be treated. The cost ranges usually from about $250 or more for facial veins and about $500 for treating veins around the eye(s) which includes some other facial veins done at the same time.

Small blue veins on the face below the eyes and around the chin may be treated with sclerotherapy. Some physicians use LASER for these veins, but great caution must be used around the eyes to prevent injury to the eye. Sclerotherapy for veins on the forehead is thought to present a risk of clotting of veins which drain the brain so most physicians avoid sclerotherapy on the forehead. A straight vein on the forehead may be treated with endovenous LASER ablation. The cost of treatment would be quite variable depending on the number and complexity of the veins to be treated and could not be estimated without the treating physician seeing the patient for an evaluation.

These are hard to get rid of. I would talk to your dermatologist.

If the vessels in question are less than about 3mm then the best way to deal with them is laser treatment. Vessel size and color determine which laser will work the best. For larger blue or green vessels the 1064Nd:YAG work the best. For vessels that are red, pink or purple and 1mm or less the Pulsed Dye Laser is the treatment of choice. These laser can be dangerous around the eyes so make sure to go to someone who is experienced in this type of treatment. Make sure your provider is planning on protecting your eyes with corneal shields (metal contact) if the vein is anywhere near the inside to the eye socket. Most vessels will no need more than one to two treatments. Aside from some mild swelling there is no downtime and you should be able to go back to your normal activities with no delay.

I'd suggest seeing a plastic surgeon for evaluation.

Your best bet will be a facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

I would have to see them but if they are spider veins than they could be treated with veinwave (sound energy) applied to the veins. They are very effective and cost about $500 per treatment on the face. The number of treatments required will determine the final cost. It depends how large an area is involved. There are no side effect and the treatment has been used in Europe for over 12 years. It is FDA approved in the State for over 3 years.

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