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How well can varicose veins be removed from hands?

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Can hand veins look better?


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Yes, as we age, the elasticity, (recoil) of both our vein walls and skin diminishes. This causes hand veins to dilate and skin on hands to sag. Furthermore, the layer of fat between the hand's skin and muscles diminishes with time, resulting in more visibility of the dilated hand veins. These veins can be removed, generally through sclerotherapy, (injection of a solution into the veins to cause their hardening and subsequent collapse), or ambulatory phlebectomies, (surgical removal with very small incisions under local anesthesia). Either treatment can be performed with excellent cosmetic results but should only be performed by a highly trained vein specialist who has performed these procedures many times and understands the intricate anatomy of the hands to avoid complications.

Evaluating hand veins usually involves 2 aspects. First, looking at the actual unsightly hand vein(s), and second, looking at the volume of tissue surrounding the veins in the hand. In my experience, people seeking hand vein treatments are usually very thin women and they just don't have much extra tissue or fat in between their hand veins to fill in the space around the veins, which makes the veins seem more prominent. Hand veins can usually be treated, however, the veins are rarely actually removed. Hand veins are usually injected with a solution with the goal narrowing or closing the vein(s). However, it's very important that if there is a lack of tissue or "volume" in between the hand veins, that treatments that restore volume, like collagen type injections, be considered, as well.

Prominent hands veins are NOT "varicose" and do not cause problems. However, they can be eliminated for cosmetic reasons using either injections or phlebectomy (surgical removal).

Yes, they can be removed with a minor surgical procedure call Microphlebectomy. This can be performed under local anesthesia, like a dentist, in a doctor's office. Consult a Phlebologist or Vein Clinic for an evaluation.

There are several options to remove veins from the hands. You can simply remove them through a tiny incision, or sclerotherapy can be used to make the veins smaller. In another approach, hand veins appear more promininent with age due to a decrease in the soft tissues around them. A practitioner can therefore "smooth" the appearance of the hand through injections of fillers. It's the same material used to decrease deep wrinkles on the face.

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