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Is endovenous laser treatment a common varicose veins treatment?

This question was asked in Windsor, California and has 3 answer(s) as of 10/15/2012.
Is endovenous laser treatment a common varicose veins treatment? Do most vein doctors perform it?


Doctors Answers (3)

Yes this is the most often performed treatment for varicose veins in this country today and almost all phlebologist perform this procedure.

Yes to the first question. Yes, most well trained, qualified, true "vein doctors"perform endovenous ablation, either laser or radiofrequency.

Yes, endovenous laser treatment is the treatment of choice for the treatment of varicose vein disease. It is safer and more effective than the the surgical alternative with a much lower recurrence rate. Endovenous laser treatment is offered by numerous physician across America.

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