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Is sclerotherapy the best treatment for varicose veins?

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I have read a lot about sclerotherapy for varicose veins removal. Is it really the best procedure that doctors use? Why is it so popular? I noticed veins on my legs a few years ago and they get worse.


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Sclerotherapy eliminates many surface leg veins successfully without the surgical drawbacks. However, large varicose veins usually respond better to another method which involves thermal ablation or foam sclerotherapy. These are both non-surgical and require guidance by duplex ultrasound imaging.

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for many types of varicose veins when done by a medical professional with extensive training and experience in the field of phlebology. A complimentary consult at the Vein Institute of the Desert with Dr. Warren would determine which treatments and procedures would maximize your result with a watchful eye on value for you. Other tools in the phlebologist's tool kit include EVLT, (Endovenous Laser Treatment), surface laser treatments and the VeinGogh Thermolysis System treatment. While all these treatments do work to eliminate varicose veins you may have at present time, often "maintenance" treatments are needed to eliminate any new varicose or spider veins you develop in the future.

Sclerotherapy is certainly a good treatment for visible varicose veins, and whether it is the "best" treatment for your varicose veins depends on the source causing your varicose veins and the treatment your doctor prefers to use for your type of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is popular because it is considered a simple, office treatment that is relatively safe with little or no discomfort or down time. You can drive yourself to and from treatment appointments and usually return to your usual daily activities directly following your treatment. If there are veins underneath the skin that are the source or cause of you varicose veins, then those veins may need to be treated first in order for your visible varicose vein treatments to be effective.

Sclerotherapy is only 1 of the many therapies for varicose veins. The best therapy depends on what's wrong, so find an expert and have him or her take a look.

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