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Is there any treatment for large, bulging veins?

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I am a woman and I have very large, bulging veins on my arms. I was wondering why this occurs and if there are any treatment options? Thank you.


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Bulging veins of the lower limbs is usually abnormal and can be treated with a variety of options. Among them are surgery, injections or thermal (heat) ablation. Upper extremity bulging veins are not commonly abnormal in a functional sense. Rather, the skin surrounding the veins is becoming thinner (common as we age). Another causative factor is muscle use by those who exercise a lot. Basically, to keep fluid balance, the same amount of blood coming down the arteries to exercising muscles needs to be balanced by an equivalent amount of blood flowing out the veins. This is just normal physiology and the body is doing what it is supposed to do. So, if one uses their muscles excessively, then they will likely notice bulging veins on their arms or legs. I have had good results with injections of these bulging normal veins. But, interestingly, abnormal veins seem to respond to treatment better.

Large varicose veins are now treated in an office setting using fiber optic lasers under ultrasound guidance (called endovenous ablation) with excellent results and no "down time" from normal activities following treatment. Stripping procedures of the past are obsolete. Consider having your veins evaluated by a vein specialist in your area to discuss treatment options for you.

Most of the time, it is wise to preserve the veins of the arms for potential future medically-necessary access to veins for medication. It is possible to treat cosmetically undesirable veins of the arms by a variety of methods, but one should do so only after careful consideration of the goals. Depending on the specific circumstance, sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, or thermal ablation may be used to treat arm veins.

Most phlebologists do not treat arm veins, although it is certainly possible by sclerotherapy or phlebectomy. Although certain rare conditions can cause abnormally large arm veins, most women simply don't like the appearance of their normal prominent arm veins.

Some veins in the arms can be treated. An evaluation by a trained phlebologist could lead you in the right direction.

Except in rare cases we do not treat large veins on the arm because they can be used for medical purposes.

As a general rule, arm veins should be left alone. Most treatments are cosmetically less than ideal.

Large, bulging arm veins are generally not treated. Usually, they are normal veins that are prominent due to low body fat percentage, thin skin, and loss of elasticity of the vein walls over time. On rare occasions, it can signify a more serious condition. If you have any concerns about this, see your primary care doctor. Unsightly bulging veins on the back of the hand can be easily treated with sclerotherapy injections and sometimes with phlebectomy (vein removal though tiny incisions).

Large varicose veins in the upper extremity are unusually rare, but they can be removed if the patient thinks they are unsightly with a technique known as microphlebectomy under local umescent anesthesia.

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