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Is there a natural remedy for venous reflux disease?

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I was recently diagnosed with venous reflux disease, and I was wondering if there are any natural options for dealing with the issue. Such as any options outside of compression stockings, such as herbal remedies?


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Yes, over the years there have been herbal remedies for varicose vein disease. The main ingredient that seems to help is horse chestnut seed extract (HSE). This natural product seems to make the cells lining veins fit tighter together and therefore reduce the leakage of fluid from the veins into the surround tissue. So, if an individual suffers from swelling/edema, then I think this product will be of benefit. In general, more definitive treatment is necessary to really provide a good outcome. Whether that is injections, thermal ablation or surgery, the underlying structural problem of an abnormal vein can't be fixed but rather the offending vein needs to be eliminated.

Unfortunately there are no proven herbal treatments for vein disease. Compression hose can help treat the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease, but is not able to cure venous disease.

There are no herbal remedies that will prevent or reverse existing venous reflux as the veins are venous valves that have become mechanically damaged and do not functioning normally. A well balanced diet, although important for overall health, has a minimal role on the strength and flexibility of the veins. Treatment however is minimally invasive, relatively comfortable in an office setting, highly effective and has a wide safety factor. Sclerosants that can be injected are non-toxic medical grade detergents that are FDA approved for treating veins. Lasers use concentrated light sources to close varicose veins so the vein usually does not need to be physically removed. Lasers can also be used for some superficial veins, especially spider veins on the face.

There is no natural remedy. Compression stockings help with symptoms but no matter how long you wear them, the result is only temporary. After only a short time, your symptoms will recur.

Maintenance of a normal body weight is the most important "natural" treatment for venous reflux disorders. Routine daily use of elastic support hose is important as a lifelong measure if you want to slow progression of venous insufficiency. Other measures include avoidance of prolonged sitting or standing when feasible and a moderate degree of exercise. When you must sit or stand for prolonged periods, calf muscle exercises with repetitive motion up and down of the ankle is helpful to keep the calf muscles pumping venous blood out of the legs. Elevation of the legs higher than the heart intermittently, even if for only a few minutes, helps the tissues recover some from the high pressures in the veins associated with pronged sitting or standing. There is some research in Europe on drugs which may help slightly with the edema (swelling) associated with venous insufficiency, but the value of such drugs is not yet established enough for most experts to recommend such drugs.

I am sorry to say that there is no medical option, as opposed to compression therapy or ablative surgery. Good luck.

You can google venotonics, and find information about natural venous preparations, but I don't think you will find a remedy.

No, none that are effective.

Unfortunately, the isn't any natural remedies for this medical condition.

The only natural remedy for venous reflux is to prop your legs up in the air. This allows gravity to drain the pooled blood out of your legs and back to you heart. As this is not feasible to do all day long, the next best thing is to wear 20 - 30 mm Hg compression stockings. There is an anecdotal idea that horse chestnut seed extract can improve leg vein issues, but this has not been thoroughly tested.

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