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Can exercise and weight loss cure varicose veins?

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I'm a 23 years male student, having varicose vein problem in my lower right leg. I am 185 cm ,having weight of 209 pounds, want to quickly remove my junk weight. Kindly recommend the best exercise both curing my weight and vein problem.


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Sorry, weight gain is not a cause of varicose veins and a loss of wight is also not a cure for problem veins. There are clearly other benefits however, to keeping a weight that is proportional to your height.

Although treatment can be helpful in limiting the problem there is no cure for varicose veins so weight loss will not help. The best exercise to lose weight is whatever form of exercise you can maintain. Walking is great!

Unfortunately, exercise and weight loss can not cure varicose veins but it may slow their progression.

Weight loss and exercise do not prevent varicose veins, but will help slow progression.

There is no "cure" for varicose vein disease. If you exercise, your calf muscle will act like a pump and help contract the vein and push blood flow in the right direction. Weight loss will certainly help take the pressure off the veins but there is no way to cure vein disease. There are procedures out there that may be beneficial to you depending on the cause of you varicose veins.

Weight loss may not cure your varicose veins as you probably inherited these from a family member. However, it is better for your general health and circulation to maintain a healthy body weight. The best exercise is to stay away from the refrigerator! I have found that low carbohydrate diets work best and a great publication is a book called "Why we get fat and what we can do about it" by Gary Taubes. A low carbohydrate diet controls the insulin response and prevents those carbohydrate craving spikes. Eating protein and lots fresh salads and vegetable (some restrictions) is also good. If you have varicose veins I would recommend an evaluation by a surgeon who specializes in vein treatment. This will include an ultrasound examination. I also recommend compression hose if the veins are below the knee and you are not planning to have these treated. There are many nice styles, some designed for runners and athletes. Any exercise is good exercise from walking, gym workouts to swimming.

Exercise has many benefits to your over all health, but no exercise can cure you of varicose veins that are already present. The only cure for your varicose veins would be a medical procedure to eliminate the veins. Exercise can play a very important role in preventing new varicose veins and prevent your current veins from getting worse. Any exercise that utilizes your calf muscles is beneficial because your calf muscle is the primary mover of blood out of your legs. Jogging, biking, and walking would be examples.

Unfortunately, neither of those two actions will cure varicose veins.

Weight loss will not cure varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by ineffective closure of the valves within the veins, those veins have to be closed with laser therapy or surgically removed.

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