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What causes lumps in saphenous veins?

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For the past month and a half I have been dealing with pain on my saphenous vein and it actually is very hard to the touch like a plastic cord. My dr said it was SVT but since the past two days I felt a hard lump on the vein exactly; near the foot and it was very painful to the touch and by the next morning the lump was now near the knee and it is even more painful and swollen and is turning a little red, it hurts to walk or even stretch my leg and the vein is really hard all the way to the back of my knee, I can clearly feel it. Could this be dangerous? I can't get in touch with my dr and my next appointment won't be until 1 more week.


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Because the lumps are superficial it is most likely a problem that can be treated in the office. If you are having deeper pain then I would get an ultrasound sooner to evaluate for a deep vein blood clot.

A Superficial Venous Thrombosus (SVT) or Phlebitis is due to a clot in a superficial vein which generally is very tender for several weeks. It can be treated with warm moist compresses, NSAID's such as ibuprofen and rest. This condition resolves on its own but can reoccur so treating the underlying varicose veins in the leg should be considered after the SVT has resolved to prevent more episodes in the future. An ultrasound evaluation in the office would confirm the diagnosis and extent of the clot in the superficial Saphenous vein. Without knowing your medical history (such as history of clots or diabetes), and ruling out infections, then a SVT is not generally considered "dangerous".

It sounds like you have an extensive superficial phlebitis (SVT). However if your symptoms have worsened I strongly recommend for you to have an ultrasound to be certain that there is no clot moving into your deep veins. Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) is clot in the deep vein and can be very dangerous. If you can not get in touch with your doctor, I would recommend you going to the ER for an ultrasound.

The lump that you are describing sound like superficial thrombophlebitis. The saphenous vein has clotted. This causes pain, redness, and cord - like sensations. This is treated with elevation, over to counter pain medication, and warm compresses. This is self limiting, but does hurt for awhile.

I recommend you be seen as soon as you can by a vascular surgeon who can perform an ultrasound examination to diagnose your problem immediately. This may mean a trip to the Emergency Room.

You should be wearing 20-30 graded compression stockings. This can be a problem and should be evaluated soon.

It is unlikely to be dangerous, but only an in-person exam can tell for sure. It is most likely thrombophlebitis. If you need to be seen sooner, just ask your doctor to call us and we will be happy to fit you in.

You need to be seen today and an ultrasound of the involved veins needs to be done TODAY. A decsion needs to be made regarding anticoagulant drugs to limit the progression of what sounds like worsening clotting in the leg veins.

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