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What are the warning signs of DVT and May Thurner Syndrome?

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My daughter is 6 - 8 weeks pregnant, experiencing episode of left pelvic, mid back and left thigh pain, with the left thigh turning a ruddy color, temporarily. Her Doppler was negative. She has history of unexplained pelvic pain and use of BCP. I have same history of pelvic pain and 2 LLE DVT's. Could May Thurner Syndrome possibly be causing her symptoms? What are the warning signs of DVT and May Thurner Syndrome?


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Only an experienced clinician who has examined your daughter can really answer your questions about your daughter's case. Arterial compression of the left common iliac vein can cause leg pain or swelling including a bluish color in the skin, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, or low back pain. A small number of patients with compression of the iliac vein may develop extensive deep vein thrombosis in the veins of the lower extremity and pelvis. It is more likely that the enlarging uterus is causing pressure on the iliac vein causing the findings you describe, but there might also be an artery compressing the vein which was a problem prior to pregnancy. May-Thurner syndrome is compression of the left common iliac vein in the pelvis by the right common iliac artery with resulting flow disturbances leading to clotting in the iliac vein. Most of the iliac vein lesions identified these days with modern imaging have not progressed far enough to cause the clotting.

There are no warning signs of May Thurner. It is the clinical manifestation of an anatomic variant. The clinical manifestation of MT is often unilateral swelling (often left) and/or a DVT. Your own experience with DVT tells you the signs and symptoms. Duplex ultrasound is the definitive test in most cases. When in doubt, get an ultrasound by a qualified vascular laboratory.

Yes, it is a possibility. An abdominal CT/Venogram should help you identify.

Yes a left leg DVT can be caused by May Thurner Syndrome. The symptoms of DVT from May Thurner Syndrome may be very similar to any other DVT. There may be hip pain as well, but not always. May Thurner Syndrome does not usually cause pelvic pain. If she is having symptoms of a possible DVT, she should seek medical attention promptly.

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