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How should I treat my May-Thurner Syndrome?

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I have recently been diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome. In the past, after a knee surgery, I developed deep vein thrombosis. At the time, the doctor did angioplasty and inserted a stent. That was 10 years ago, but I'm still having problems with the vein. My current specialist has suggested angioplasty now. I told her I had it done before. Of course, she is going to get my records from the hospital that treated the deep vein thrombosis. If the stent is still in place, but the vein is still being compressed, what would the next course of treatment be? How invasive would the next course of treatment be? What would the recovery period be like?


Doctors Answers (4)

This is a question for your cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon. Treating May-Thurner's can be difficult, and it is best to get a good team of physicians on board to create a successful plan.

May-Thurner Syndrome is a congenital/anatomic condition of compression of the left common iliac vein by the right common iliac artery that crosses over the vein, resulting in possible pain, swelling and blood clots. This compression of iliac vein was treated with a stent to help reinforce the vein at the point that the artery crosses over and presses on the vein. The least invasive treatment would be placement of an additional stent, if the studies show this is needed. A far more invasive open procedure could also correct the problem, but is a major surgery.

You need a comprehensive evaluation and testing to determine if the stent/vein has a blockage and the location of the blockage. This will determine appropriate management. Discuss this with your vascular surgeon.

Based on your narrative history, angioplasty would still be the treatment of choice.

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