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How can a vein specialist help my chronic nose bleed?

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My nose has been bleeding for 30 days. Treatment has included placement of special strips to coagulate the blood, cauterized three times, packing twice, and antibiotics. A friend suggested I try a vein specialist. What type of treatment would a vein specialist provide to help with a chronic nose bleed?


Doctors Answers (3)

Silver nitrate swabs, and cauterizing of the venous plexus is a standard treatment for nose bleeds. Dry air is also a major contributing problem, so you should swab the inside of the nose slowly and gently up to the top and back of the nose with aquaphor or Vaseline to seal against drying and cracking of the skin. An ENT typically deals with treating the bulging venous blood vessels in the back of the nose that can bleed, called the Kiesselbach's plexus, and may require additional thermal or laser cautery to close off these vessels.

Nose bleeding is usually an arterial problem. When patients have unstoppable nose bleeding "embolization" (blockage of the arteries ) to the nose is the best treatment. This is typically done by a interventional radiologist. Many interventional radiologists also treat veins.

Please, see an ENT surgeon.

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