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How does poor circulation effect my veins and blood flow?

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For the past week my arms and legs have been getting a numb pain, on and off. It usually lasts for a little while, around 30 mins to an hour but sometimes it is just a few minutes long. It feels like when your limbs fall asleep. In my arms, it's usually in the forearm but might extend anywhere, and in my legs it is both in the thigh and the calf. I'm also really dizzy and unbalanced and I move slower, especially after I get the numb pain feeling. I'm so tired and have a headache (after the numb feeling) and feel "out of it". What might be causing this? Does it have to do with my circulation?


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The symptoms you describe appear to be due to the nervous system rather than circulation. Poor circulation usually produces a tingling painful sensation with exertion in the active limbs due to the inability to deliver adequate oxygen to the muscles and so is related to activity. Your other symptoms of a fatigue, headache, dizziness, numbness in the limbs, "feeling out of it", and reduced balance suggests a possible central nervous system problem which can also produce the symptoms in the arms and legs. This is best evaluated by an internist with possible neurology referral. Your symptoms are vague but very significant and deserve immediate evaluation.

You need to see a doctor for a physical exam ASAP.

You should be seen by your primary care physician as soon as possible OR go to an ER to assess what is causing these symptoms, especially associated dizziness.

Unlikely. I would have a medical doctor do a history and physical exam first.

Sounds like you need to see a neurologist! Or at least your primary care physician.

Those problems might be a sign of something serious and cannot be addressed with email. I strongly suggest you see your physician as soon as reasonably possible to discuss those problems.

The symptoms that you are describing are probably not related to poor circulation. I would recommend that you see a Doctor as soon as possible and if the symptoms are getting worse a visit to an Emergency Room would be in order.

We cannot give specific medical advice in this forum. It is very unlikely that the complaints that you describe are related to the venous system. I suggest you see your primary care physician soon to evaluate your complaints. If these complaints become severe or if you develop a severe headache or weakness on one side of the body, you need to go to an emergency room.

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