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Should I be worried if I have blue veins?

This question was asked in Irvine, California and has 3 answer(s) as of 08/14/2012.
Should I be worried if the veins in my hands are becoming more blue?


Doctors Answers (3)

No, vein color is insignificant and can be treated when you are ready.

No, as we age our skin gets thinner. This makes the normal veins of the hand look more prominent and to some people, unsightly. They are nothing, however, to become concerned about.

No, I don't think you should be worried that your hand veins appear more blue. The blue color is the blood is just visualizing the blood in the vein. There are 2 reasons your hand veins may seem to becoming more blue. First, as we age, our hand veins can become larger and a large vein will carry more blood, and more blood means a bluer hue. Second, as we age, we loose tissue volume under the skin of our hands and the skin on the back of our hands also can thin. When we are younger, the extra tissue surrounds the veins and the veins are less prominent, not seen as well, and appear less blue. As we age, the hand skin thins and we slowly loose some of that tissue volume on the back of our hands that surrounds the vein, which make our veins more prominent appearing more blue.

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