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Should a teenager wait to receive treatment for spider veins?

I am a teenager and I am already getting some spider veins on my thighs. I know that older people usually get them, so does this mean my spider veins are going to be even worse when I am older? Should I get spider vein treatment when I am young or should I wait? What will happen if I do not receive treatment for my spider veins when I am young?


Doctors Answers (4)

Spider veins can be acquired by mild traumas, rapid increase in size or muscle mass (often seen in teenagers) and everyday wear and tear for active people. Spider veins are typically a cosmetic concern without symptoms and can be easily treated as a teenager. There is also no problem with waiting or ignoring the spider veins. Spider veins are more common in older patients than teenagers due to more years of sun damage, mild traumas, pregnancies, and prolonged standing in their jobs. Developing spider veins over the thighs as a teenager probably due to rapid growth with very minor traumas from sports and activities does not predict problems later on. Your future choice of career and the amount of standing required can contribute much more to developing future leg vein problems. Walking is very beneficial to avoid or minimize the further development of problem veins.

They can be treated.

Vein problem like spider veins are generally progressive. Unfortunately, this means that over time you will get more and more. While we do treat spider veins on teenagers, consent of parents is required if younger than 18. Additionally, discussion of alternatives and possible side of treatment is even more important. If you don't get the spider veins treated you will have more spider veins, which likely require more treatment later, but this will not impact your overall health.

Spider veins will not cause complications if left untreated and simply multiply over the years. You may begin treatment at any point in time you feel the veins either appear unsightly or cause mild discomfort. It is your decision when you begin treatment, which will be required periodically every few years to eliminate new veins as they appear.

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