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Does future pregnancy limit varicose vein treatment options?

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I am 22 years old have 2 girls and I think I have both spider and varicose veins. My legs hurt me when I stand a lot or walk, I feel they are heavy at times and my veins show. What can I do? I was told if I do an operation I can not have any more babies because at pregnancy you will become heavy .... What should i do? I have no insurance, is their medicine i can use?


Doctors Answers (12)

It is best to treat your veins now even if you are planning future pregnancies. Your symptoms will become severe during the pregnancy without treatment. Unfortunately there is no medicine that you can take to treat the veins. A combination off office procedures will be needed to help with your situation. Please contact our office for further questions.

Varicose and spider veins happen before, during, and after pregnancies. Compression hose worn as early in a pregnancy as possible will help reduce and even prevent the progression of problem veins from the pregnancy. Correcting varicose veins after a pregnancy but when you may still have a pregnancy in the future is definitely helpful. Varicose veins are usually progressive and treatment improves the venous circulation and symptoms of tired aching legs. The least expensive option is to continue wearing medical grade compression hose on your legs, and treatment of varicose veins as an office procedure may also be payed with care credit which is a no-interest way to spread the cost over 6-12 months. Finally, there is no medicine that will be useful as this is a structural or mechanical type of medical problem, but effective treatments are available.

I would recommend treating the varicose veins at least 6 months before getting pregnant again. You will probably have some recurrent vein problems during pregnancy but if you fix the underlying problems now, then it will limit your symptoms during the pregnancy. I would also recommend wearing compression stockings now and during your pregnancy if you have bulging varicose veins. This is hereditary and there is no cure and no way to prevent the veins completely.

While it is true if you have additional pregnancies you may develop more vein problems, that should not prevent you from getting proper treatment of your veins now. Unfortunately there is no medicine that will help, the only effective treatment is surgical. However, compression stocking may help with the symptoms while you wear them.

Treating you varicose veins now would have no future implications with regards to pregnancy. If your veins are symptomatic I would have them treated and if you get pregnant in the future, you should wear support stockings through out you pregnancy because you have a high risk of developing new varicose veins. Having your veins treated does not mean you can not get pregnant again. There is no medication you can take to reverse your veins. The best nonsurgical treatment would be graduated compression stockings, these should help with the symptoms and slow the progression of the veins.

Pregnancy does not effect the decision to treat veins. Weight control, compressive stockings and exercise are the mainstays of non surgical treatment.

Having the vein procedure between pregnancies is the optimal time to have the procedure. It will actually help your legs if you become pregnant again since it will reduce the amount of swelling and discomfort in your legs during pregnancy. If your doctor told you that you couldn't have any more kids if you get your veins done, then I would suggest you get a new ob-gyn since they gave you that very wrong info. Unfortunately, there is no medicine. The only non procedural treatment is long term compression therapy, especially during the pregnancy.

No. Treatment of varicose veins does not limit future pregnancy. You would need a test to determine how serious your varicose veins are. If you do not have venous valvular reflux in the veins in your legs, you might not need surgical intervention. Your symptoms may be controlled with elastic compression stockings. I would recommend a thorough exam by venous surgeon and duplex scan in a reputable non invasive vascular laboratory.

Graded compression, this will help with symptoms but will not cure the problem. You can fix your veins, but it is expensive. Department of Rehabilitative Service will sometime be able to help you get treatment.

I would try conservative therapy first with wearing compression hose and elevating the legs. Your body will secrete hormones and increase the blood volume when you are pregnant. This will worsen your veins while you are pregnant. A lot of this improves for the first two months after the pregnancy. There is no contraindication to treating the veins before pregnancy and if the veins bother you now, there is no reason that you cannot treat them. This may help how the legs are in your future pregnancy(ies). If you are breast feeding, I would not take any medications for the veins. There are things like micronized flavonoids like Daflon 500 that are available but to my knowledge are not FDA approved. There are a lot of over the counter remedies with horse chestnut, bilberry etc. This is not a regulated portion of the market and I cannot recommend any specific remedy.

Varicose veins will become worse with each pregnancy. If you are miserable now, you will be even more miserable during your next pregnancy. Significant varicose veins should be treated between pregnancies.

My advise to you is: Wear medical grade compression stockings till you are done having the number of children that you wish, and once your family is completed seek the counsel of a vein specialist physician. Each pregnancy will make your varicose veins more noticeable and symptomatic, but once you're finished having children, the condition can be treated.

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