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How does skin color affect spider vein treatment?

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I am a 25 year old female with spider veins. I have dark skin and would like to know if Veinwave would work well with my skin color?


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Unlike surface lasers, both sclerotherapy and topical radiofrequency (VeinWave and VeinGogh) spider vein treatment methods work equally well for all skin tones.

Darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentaion with scleortherapy, laser or veinwave etc. I would recommend trying a test area first to see how you respond.

It's possible that it would work well. I would use it in a small area first to make sure the results are to your satisfaction.

Veinwave uses a very fine metalic wire and short duration electric currents to close fine surface veins by heating and coagulation. I would not recommend this for darker skin types due to possible changes in skin color with darkening of the skin after treatment (PIH). Sclerotherapy injections are still the "gold standard" for treatment of most small veins including spider veins. Lasers such as the NdYAG laser is also a possible second choice but many other types of lasers would not be compatible with dark skin. We treat veins on the face and legs often and dark skin is not a problem with the most common techniques including sclerotherapy, micro-phlemectomy and endovascular ablations.

Veinwave has no restrictions on skin color. It is suitable for very fine superficial spider veins but your sclerotherapist should also be checking for "feeder" reticular veins below the surface. Without treating these, if present, your treatment of superficial veins won't be as effective. With Veinwave there can be residual pigmentation which can take longer to resolve than for injections but typically isn't permanent.

Spider veins should never be treated without first performing a complete venous evaluation. Spider veins can often be just the tip of the problem. Insurance covers ultrasound evaluation of symptomatic veins. If you are found to have purely spider veins, then Veinwave compliments sclerotherapy. A combination of these two treatments usually provide good results. I don't know your skin type so I'm not able to answer that question.

Yes Veinvave will work on dark skin color. However, most spider veins on the legs are better treated with sclerotherapy.

Skin color is relevant for laser only. Vein wave and sclerotherapy (injections) directly close the vein and are unrelated to skin color.

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