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How long should recovery take after stab microphlebectomy?

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I had stab microphlebectomy on leg varicose veins in January. It has now been more than three months and I still have lots of red, bruise-like marks all over my legs. Is this a normal side effect of the procedure? How long before these marks go away? Will they ever go away?


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A microphlebectomy is typically done to remove veins in segments through several 1mm stab or punctures along the side of the vein, after the vein has been anesthetized with a tumescent solution. The 1mm incisions do not require any suture and usually are either minimally or are no longer visible at 4 weeks following the procedure. The red bruise-like marks may represent some areas of trapped blood which can be drained or may be new spider veins which are also treatable. I recommend a follow-up appointment with the physician that preformed the microphlebectomy to have the marks evaluated and determine if any further treatment is needed.

This does sound like a normal recovery if it is 3 months, although a little slow. My patients use arnica cream to massage immediately post-procedure, wear hose for one week and then continue to massage for a few weeks. This really speeds up the healing process. The small dots made where the punctures are made can last a while. Avoid sun exposure as you may develop pigmentation. At times, with larger veins, there may be some deeper bruising in the track where the veins were. Again, following the above with arnica or Dermaka cream should help.

Without seeing your original condition it is difficult to have a meaningful opinion. It seems likely that they will ultimately disappear; any concerns should be addressed to your surgeon.

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