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How well do sutures heal in stab phlebectomy?

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I have been seeing a vascular surgeon to treat a varicose vein on my right leg. After an initial treatment which closed off the main feeding vein to the varicose by cauterization, it did not lay flat as we hoped. The doctor then told me that he recommended a stab phlebectomy, and explained there would be about 20 stabs with one stitch per stab. When I inquired why stitches, he explained that with Steri strips the tissue has greater potential to bulge and he has found that sutures create a better cosmetic result. Is there any truth to this? How well do sutures heal in stab phlebectomy? I am only 30 years old and the thought of a bunch of sutures up and down my leg is a scary concept.


Doctors Answers (4)

Stab phlebectomies use longer (5-10mm) incisions that require one or several suture(s) to close the wound and produce a visible series of short linear scars. A less invasive, micro-phlebectomy uses 1 mm incisions and does not need sutures to close. These incisions are usually not visible at about 30 days after the procedure. There may be times when a varicose vein is very large and convoluted requiring a slightly longer incision than 1 mm, but that would be a very rare instance. You may want to consider consulting other vein doctors for a second opinion.

Our practice is the same: one or sometimes two small sutures per wound give the best cosmetic result.

I assume you mean ablation when you mentioned cauterization? In my clinic we seal the main vein and also do the stab phlebs at the same time. I make tiny punctures which do not require any stitches except the occasional paper steristrip. Healing at worst will leave a freckle, but usually no marks at all. One visit to the office for both procedures.

I do micro phlebectomies and we almost never stitch and they heal within a few weeks to be nearly undetectable.

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