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How quickly can varicose veins appear?

This question was asked in Davie, Florida and has 2 answer(s) as of 01/17/2017.
Within the past month I have suddenly seen bulging veins appear on my legs. It seems like they are all over. With them, I have pain on the shaft of my left leg and my left foot, and throbbing pains on my left knee and left hip. Is it possible for varicose veins to appear this suddenly and to hurt immediately?


Doctors Answers (2)

They can appear, some people say, in a few minutes. They can feel them pop and watch them appear. I have never seen this happen and it usually is a gradual process over months and years. If you become pregnant, this can happen much more quickly. The legs will throb and ache and feel heavy with the veins.

Varicose veins usually appear gradually over time, but can appear suddenly after physical traumas, surgery or child birth. With the sudden appearance of varicose veins and symptoms of throbbing pain that is new and without a clear cause, I would recommend evaluation for possible restriction of the venous blood flow for possible blood clots (phlebitis or DVT) or other mechanical blockage.

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