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How do you reduce swelling in veins?

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My mom is 48 year old and has swelling in her veins specially in hands and severely in ankle, flat feet region. The swelling is more in the morning. Now this swelling has also started to develop in knees. Please help me out and tell what could be the remedy and the doctor to be consulted.


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It is best to see a primary care doctor first to make sure it is not related to her heart. If that checks out normal then schedule with a vein specialist. Vein disease can cause swelling.

Swelling of the extremities can be due to a number of conditions and you should consider a visit for your mother with an internist or family physician to get a physical exam and some general lab work to determine the reason for retaining fluids. With vein problems, venous and ankle swelling would be worse in the evening (after sitting and standing all day).

Your primary care physician should first determine the cause of the swelling and refer your mom to a vein specialist only if the cause is venous insufficiency. Regardless of the cause, properly fit compression stockings can temporarily help provide symptomatic relief.

I would recommend a vein specialist such as a phlebologist and the first treatment that should be tried is compression stocking.

A vein specialist, (Phlebologist) can help with venous problems.

Swelling from the veins would be worse at the end of the day and not the morning particularly in the ankles. The swelling may be from other reasons besides the veins. It would be good to consult with a primary care physician first so they can refer her in the right direction. If they feel it's the veins, than an ultrasound is the next appropriate step and then a referral to a vascular surgeon.

Seek the advise of a vein specialist or a vascular surgeon in your community and you will be guided through the necessary diagnostic steps to resolve you mother's leg swelling issues. In the mean time, get a pair of medical grade compression stockings, this will provide some relief.

You should see a vein specialist.

Swelling in the legs may be caused by many things, but the most common causes in North America are venous insufficiency and obesity. A physician who understands the causes of leg swelling needs to see your Mom. A venous specialist such as a Phlebologist is a good place to start.

She should be evaluated by a board certified internist who specializes in cardio-renal disease.

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