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How long can compression stocking be worn for?

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I am paralyzed on the left side. I have difficulty sleeping flat on a bed and therefore cannot get normal circulation in my body. I wear 20-30 compression stockings that are very difficult to put on or take off. I leave them on all day and night and even shower with them. My wife thinks it is unhealthy for me to sleep with the stockings on. How long can compression stocking be worn for? Will I have any problems from wearing them while sleeping and throughout the day?


Doctors Answers (3)

It is not of any benefit to sleep with stockings, and also not a good idea. Stockings should be worn when standing or sitting stationary for prolonged periods. Sleeping with compression stockings, can cause problems with the skin, and does not improve your circulation. Also you should be certain that there are no artery issues if wearing stockings for prolonged periods. Stockings treat swelling, lymphedema and venous insufficiency. It would be good to consult with a vascular specialist.

Sustained compression especially over a bone can cause death of the skin and/or fatty tissue due to compression of the microscopic arteries in the tissues. For this reason, it is wise to have the hose off for at least a short time every day. I usually suggest at least several hours for most patients when the legs can be flat or elevated. If you have any numbness or decreased sensation in the foot or ankle, you are at special risk for skin injury since you may not feel a developing injury until it is serious. Most often, our wives are right.

You should really only be wearing the compression hose when you are upright. While you are sleeping, I would recommend removing.

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