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What is the varicoceletomy healing period?

Hi doc.
I have suffered from varicocele for three years now and doctor here were unable to diagnose it until recently when a doctor diagnosed my illness and did varicoceletomy surgery. Its been 10 days now since my surgery was done. I visited the doctor Wednesday and he said the surgery went perfectly well. However, while i am enjoying reduction in pain, tingling and burning, my back is experiencing pain especially the right side as the left side of the pelvic was where they operated. I am still feeling the vein in my left thigh though not as before the surgery. I would like to know the time frame, I will experience total recovery. Also, I was experiencing impotency before the surgery and still experiencing it. I will appreciate any information that will speed up my recovery and solve my impotence problem. Regards.


Doctors Answers (5)

You will need to contact your urologist.

You need to make an appointment for a complete evaluation. You can see me or the doctor that did the procedure.

You need to take these questions to the physician who is familiar with your case and who is treating you.

I am afraid that varicoceles are not within my specialty expertise and therefore cannot give an opinion. I would urge you to ask your physician these questions, and I am sure he will provide satisfactory questions.

Surgery around the groin is more sensitive in recovery with a recommended follow up that ideally checks by in-office ultrasound and physical exam for successful removal of the varicocele and no fluid collection such as a seroma or hematoma following the surgery that would need drainage. Walking is beneficial at this point in speeding recovery but only do low impact activities, NO squats or lifting heavy objects yet. Impotence may improve but likely may still need further evaluation and treatment.

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